Our Wedding Packages are tailored to serve both your vision and budget, and allow



This package encompasses every aspect of the Ceremony, from the arrivals to the decorations, and includes portraits of the Bride and Groom, families and Bridal Party. Any additional photos can be requested free of charge, subject to their nature.

FULL DAY (with VIDEO) (£730)-(£675)

The full day package, offers the best value for money. It also encompasses the entire day. From before the ceremony starts, till the reception begins to conclude. In addition, if you purchase the video package, you’ll get a unique twist to regular wedding photographer. A full video (3-5 minutes long) that will encapsulate the spirit of the day, as well as give others who may not have been able to attend a look into your special day. You can also share this video to social media without any issue.




The Luxury Package captures moments from the whole day, before the event starts till after it ends. It also includes the video of the whole event, high quality photo-book of wedding highlights, that you can show your friends, as well as physical prints of all your photos! And a USB stick with all your digital prints, that is yours to keep.